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Recruit & Retain Top Talent

Home Buying Education for the Workplace

69% of workers were stressed over finances, with fully 72% admitting to worrying about their personal finances at work, and 1 in 3 doing that more than once a week.*

In today’s uncertain economic climate, more businesses are seeking to create workplace environments that offer employees improved value and benefits. That includes helping to manage personal finances and to prepare for retirement. In fact, two-thirds of North American employers now offer their workers financial education, according to a new report from the Wisconsin-based International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. Not only does this addition to employee benefits programs lead to happier and healthier workers, but it also can boost productivity as well as a company’s bottom line.

The ultimate Employee Perk: Home Ownership

According to**, offering homebuying assistance to your employees will set your company apart from the rest. Being able to play a role in helping employees—brand new or seasoned—establish themselves in their local communities is a crucial factor in earning their trust and giving them confidence in their employer.


Retention: Studies have shown that homeownership has a positive psychological impact including an increased sense of community and local pride.

Satisfaction: Those who can afford to purchase a home will often do so close to work. This can cut down on commute times and increase satisfaction and retention.

Investment: Making homeownership aff ordable is just another way for companies to help invest in their employees future.

Our Corporate Benefits Program is designed to help do that without having to subtract anything from your bottom line.



  • Improved financial well-being
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Since buying a home is one of the top three stressful endeavors, less stress equals more productive employees!
  • Minimal adminstration required by your company; we do most of the work.
  • No cost to your company or organization


Be the company that offers their new employees a smooth and easy transition into their city with a Projected Income Mortgage from PERL.

Your recently hired employees may qualify to buy a home with nothing more than a job offer letter!


  • Income must begin with in 90 days of closing (60 for VA/FHA/USDA)
  • Employer verification required which includes employee start date, position and annual income based on salary
  • Reserves are required covering 6 months principal, interest, taxes and insurance

*Subject to terms and conditions and credit qualification; not a commitment to lend, and not all borrowers may qualify.


30 – 45 Minutes / Lunch Provided

i. Introduction

ii. Rent VS. Buy: Emotionally & Financially, Is now truly the time to stop paying your landlord’s mortgage?

iii. The Homebuyer Roadmap: Steps 1 – 10, broken down in chronological order and made easy to understand.

  • The Home Buying Who’s Who
  • Closing Costs

iv. Demystifying the Mortgage Process

  • Types of Loans
  • What Makes Up Your Credit Score?
  • Cash & Downpayment
  • Your Income
  • Debt-to-Income
  • What Makes Up the Monthly Mortgage Payment?
  • Sample Financing Scenarios
  • The Do’s & Don’ts When Buying a Home

v. Q&A: This is the time for employees and teammates to get their questions answered

Additional Topics: 10 Tips to Improving Your Credit, Home Purchase Mythbusting, Selling Your First Home, Investment Property, How to Buy a Condo

$500 Lender Credit

to be applied towards closing costs
at the time of closing when you work
with The Parent Team.

Made My House-Buying Experience Great

I used Derek and his company when I purchased a condo on the Las Vegas strip. Everyone said that banks were giving a hard time for people looking for a loan for this building. However, Derek personally called me and walked me through the process, and assured me that I would be able to get the loan. Within 30 days, we not only got the loan but closed escrow. I highly recommend Derek and his team!

Pathjoel from 89158

We are loyal to Derek Parent and his team

Derek is always a pleasure to work with. I’ve known him for several years now and anyone that I know of that is looking to purchase a property I always refer them to Derek. He takes the time to answer questions and really cares about his clients. It’s nice that he stayed in touch with us long after we’ve purchased our properties going through him and his team.

highrisecondoinvestor from 89109

Great Experience, Always on Top of Things, Great Communication

They were always responsive to my needs and allowed for a smooth process. All of the processing took place in a timely manor and there were no hold ups on their end. I would highly recommend this group to anyone in need of a mortgage.

matt kinzer09 from 89128
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