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Thinking about buying a home?

It's time to save thousands of dollars and invest in YOU.

Whether you're moving for a new job opportunity or are now in a position to buy a home, The Parent Team's Homeownership Benefits Program can help you purchase your dream home. Our Homeownership Benefits Program takes the trouble out of finding financing solutions that align with your needs and facilitate your ownership goals. Our range of loans and programs come with competitive rates and benefits.

Our loans and programs are perfect for first time homeowners, low to moderate income families, senior citizens, veterans and more!

With The Parent Team’s Corporate Benefits Program, we will find the best loan for your situation for a competitive rate.

Receive a 1% realtor credit when buying or selling a home. For example, a home for $500,000 will get you $5,000 credit.

When buying or refinancing a home through your company with our program, you will be eligible to receive $2000 lender credit.

Reasons to buy VS Rent

The average renter paying $2,500 per month will have contributed roughly $300,000 to their landlord's wallet over a 10 year span. That's a lot of money that could've been invested in your own financial future!

That being said, purchasing a home can be beneficial for more than just one reason.

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Predictable Payments

Purchasing a home often provides significant long-term financial benefits compared to perpetual renting. Having a fixed mortgage ensures predictable payments annually, offering a sense of stability. In contrast, renting subjects you to potential rent increases at each lease renewal, with landlords having the freedom to adjust rates considerably.

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Building equity in your home offers financial leverage for various needs, such as covering unexpected costs, funding home renovations, or facilitating loans for diverse expenses ranging from vehicle purchases to college fees. This positions your home as a valuable investment and a cornerstone for your future financial stability.

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Tax Benefits

Several costs associated with owning a home, like property taxes and accounting fees, are eligible for tax deductions. This implies that the interest paid on your mortgage can effectively increase your savings by reducing your taxable income. This aspect of homeownership not only helps in immediate savings but also contributes to long-term financial health, making it a savvy financial move.

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Secured Retirement

Homeownership can serve as an excellent retirement asset, offering a solid investment for your later years. As you age, you have the option to sell your larger home, downsize, and utilize the surplus funds as you wish. Alternatively, renting out your property can provide a consistent source of income, allowing you to enjoy pursuits like traveling or other recreational activities.

Program Spotlight

Get approved for a home with just a job offer letter!*

Celebrate your job offer and let it propel you towards achieving your dream home! You might be pleasantly surprised to find that you can also qualify for a home purchase with just your job offer letter. This exciting opportunity means you don’t have to wait to start building your future in a home you love.

Program Requirements

  • A job offer letter must clearly outline employment terms, salary, and start date. Income cannot be variable or commission-based.
  • Income must begin with in 90 days of closing (60 for VA/FHA/USDA)
  • Employer verification required which includes employee start date, position and annual income based on salary
  • Reserves are required covering 6 months principal, interest, taxes, and insurance
*subject to terms and conditions and credit qualifications: not a commitment to lend, and not all borrowers may qualify.

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