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30 Dec

Gifting a Home

2017-12-01T08:44:25+00:00December 30th, 2015|Homebuying Tips|

Are you planning on gifting a home to someone this holiday season? For most people, a gift this generous is probably out of the question. But maybe you had a good year financially, and a family member needs the help. Whatever the case is, here are some guidelines when it comes to giving the gift [...]

5 Dec

5 Traits to Look for in a Realtor

2017-11-30T23:59:41+00:00December 5th, 2015|Homebuying Tips|

Choosing the right real estate agent to help you buy or sell a home is no easy task! In fact, it can make all the difference in the world. The wrong agent can cost you time and money, and possibly even your potential dream home! When you're interviewing potential agents, make sure they have these [...]

8 Nov

How to Choose Between a 30-Year & 15-Year Mortgage

2017-11-30T19:14:45+00:00November 8th, 2015|Homebuying Tips|

Buying a home is a huge financial decision, and choosing the right mortgage can be difficult. If you're wondering whether to choose a 15-year mortgage or 30-year mortgage, here are 4 things to consider. 1) Can You Afford to Get a 15-Year Mortgage? Although a 15-year mortgage offers a lower interest rate relative to a [...]

31 Oct

What Happens if You Inherit a Mortgage?

2017-11-30T20:26:02+00:00October 31st, 2015|Homebuying Tips, Las Vegas, Mortgage News, Refinancing|

Most homeowners have mortgages, and the sad reality is all homeowners die eventually. And, if a homeowner dies with an outstanding mortgage loan, the mortgage company still expects to be paid. Whether the balance owed will be due all at once or can be paid off over time depends on who inherits the home and [...]

8 Oct

What’s the Difference Between Getting Pre-approved & Pre-qualified?

2017-11-30T20:28:49+00:00October 8th, 2015|Homebuying Tips, Las Vegas, Mortgage News, Tips for Realtors|

  Many people mistakenly believe that getting pre-approved for a mortgage is the same thing as getting pre-qualified. They are NOT the same! Here's the difference: Getting Pre-qualified Most sellers will require your pre-qualification letter before they’ll even consider your offer. Ask your lender for a prequalification letter. These are relatively simple to get and [...]

26 Sep

3 Things to Know about FHA Loans

2017-11-30T23:44:13+00:00September 26th, 2015|Homebuying Tips, Las Vegas, Tips for Realtors|

FHA loans are popular with mortgage borrowers because of lower down payment requirements and less stringent lending standards. Simply stated, an FHA loan is a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration, a government agency within the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Borrowers with FHA loans pay for mortgage insurance, which protects the [...]

8 Sep

Divorce? The 5 Worst Money Mistakes

2017-12-01T00:15:38+00:00September 8th, 2015|Homebuying Tips, Las Vegas, Mortgage News|

Written by Guest blogger: Leslie Thompson During a divorce, a spouse who hasn’t been involved in the family’s finances can often be at a disadvantage during settlement negotiations. That’s why it’s so important for both spouses in the process of dissolving their marriage to understand their post-divorce financial needs and their current financial situation. The [...]

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