If you’re a homeowner in Las Vegas and you want to lower your mortgage payment and/or consolidate your debt, then refinancing might be the right option for you!

So how does it Work?

Well, its not always that simple. There are many factors that determine if refinancing is right for you, such as interest rates and your current equity in your home. It also depends on what your current needs are. Do you want to lower your monthly payments and interest rate? Or do you want to cash out to consolidate your debt in time for the holiday season? There are different types of refinancing options to choose from.

SavingsThe traditional refinance option allows you to get a new mortgage with a different interest rate and terms. This could help you lower your monthly payment and start saving! Interest rates fluctuate, meaning they go up and down. So, there’s a chance that you can get a lower rate on your mortgage and start saving money every month! Note that when you refinance your mortgage you are starting from the beginning of the set terms. For example, if you are 5 years into a 30 year mortgage and you choose to refinance to get a lower rate or payment, you will start at the beginning of the term of the new loan. So, your total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan.

The other option is a cash-out refinance – This is where you refinance your mortgage for more than you currently owe, then pocket the difference. Sounds great, right? Well, there are many factors that go into the process of cash-out refinancing. For example, you will need to apply and submit various documents, get an appraisal on your home, and have a good standing with your current mortgage for the past 12 months. However, if you qualify, cashing out is a great way to consolidate your debt and put more money in your pocket during the holiday season! Please note that when you do a cash out refinance, you are not eliminating your debt. You are consolidating it through your mortgage and will pay it off through your monthly loan payment.

The good news is that the Las Vegas real estate market is booming! Interest rates are competitive, and home values are increasing. That means that the majority of home owners have equity in their homes. You could take advantage of the our refinance options and lower your monthly payments, in addition to “cashing out” the difference.

If you are a homeowner in Las Vegas and you would like to take advantage of our refinance opportunities this holiday season, give us a call at 702-331-8185!